Lafond Inquest Conclusion

The Saskatoon Police Service has participated in the Coroner’s Inquest this week, into the death of Jordan Lafond.

The inquest, held by the office of the Chief Coroner of Saskatchewan, was called following the death of Mr. Lafond in October of 2016. Mr. Lafond was a passenger in a vehicle which was involved in an evade police incident and resulted in a single vehicle collision.

The following is a statement by Police Chief Troy Cooper:

First, I want to acknowledge the loss of life that occurred and the grief the family is feeling. Our Service recognizes the importance of the inquest and the juror recommendations as part of a larger process to examine the incident. As I have said before, this is not the first step or the last step in the process, but it is a significant one.

We have previously reported that an investigation took place following the incident, with oversight provided by the Province of Saskatchewan. A Crown review of those findings did not result in charges.

The SPS also initiated contact regarding the incident with the Saskatchewan Police Commission and the Provincial Complaints Commission. The PCC investigation is continuing and will likely draw on information from both the investigation and the inquest.

Lastly, I’d like to recognize and thank the members of the jury. It is a significant responsibility and we appreciate their time and dedication.