Dangerous Driving Results In Arrest.

A 29 year old man is in custody after attempting to evade police Wednesday evening. Patrol officers spotted a vehicle in the area of Victoria Ave. and 11th Street and noticed that the car had neither headlights or taillights illuminated. When the officers attempted to stop the vehicle it sped off at a high rate of speed. Due to public safety considerations, the officer did not pursue the suspect however other police units responded to the area and the suspect vehicle was observed driving erratically throughout the southwest area of the city.

Officers were eventually able to use tire deflation devices and the vehicle came to stop on Lorne Ave. near Grasswood Road. The operator was arrested and is charged with evade police and dangerous driving. He was also charged with breaching a court order related to a previous offense and is the subject of several other unrelated arrest warrants. There were no injuries and the man will be appearing court later today.

(Occurrence Number: 18-1589)