Arrest - Subject Wanted - 600 Block 4th Avenue North

Three people are in custody following an investigation by the Guns & Gangs Unit.

At approximately 9:15 a.m., September 26, 2018, members of the Guns & Gangs Unit observed a man that was known to be wanted on outstanding warrants in the 600 block of 4th Avenue North. Officers saw him entering a yard and placing a duffel bag at the side of the house. He was taken into custody and officers located a sawed off shotgun in the duffel bag. The shotgun was loaded and had additional ammunition in the magazine. Two women, ages 29 and 40, were also arrested from inside the residence.

As a result, a search warrant was executed at the residence. Police located and seized a second firearm and 178 rounds of various ammunition from inside the home.

In addition to being arrested on outstanding warrants, the 34-year-old man is facing 15 firearms-related charges.

A 29-year-old woman who was arrested from the residence is charged with; Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose, Unauthourized Possession of Firearm, Possession of Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthourized, Possession of Prohibited or Restricted Firearm with Ammunition, and Careless Use of a Firearm.

The 40-year-old woman was later released without charges.

(Court Info #'s 991066595, 991066591)

(Occurrence Number: 18-102947)