CEW Deployment - 2000 Block Spadina Crescent East

A 22 year old man is in custody facing charges of Possession of Stolen Property Under $5000, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, Possession of a Weapon Dangerous to the Public Peace, and Assault Police Officer, following the deployment of a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW).

At approximately 5:00 p.m. on April 4, 2019, two officers on patrol in the 2000 block of Spadina Crescent East noticed a male acting suspiciously around parked vehicles, carrying a bag of items. As they approached for a closer look, the male initially tried to hide from them, and then took off running while discarding the bag. The bag was found to contain what were believed to be stolen items.

An officer ran after the male and as he caught up to him, the male turned and made aggressive gestures, leading the officer to believe that the male was going to fight and was possibly armed. The officer deployed his CEW successfully, resulting in the male being taken quickly into custody. As a standard precaution, the male was examined by medical personnel following the deployment.

The incident will be reviewed in accordance with Policy.

(Occurrence Number: 19-32000)