Stolen Property/Re-vinned Vehicles - 100 Block Maple St. E

On May 3, 2019, Edmonton Police Service informed Saskatoon Police of a Kia Sorento that was stolen out of Edmonton and parked in the 100 block of Maple Street East in Saskatoon. One man was arrested from that location in connection to the stolen vehicle. Police later executed a search warrant for the house and garage of the residence. Two Saskatoon men were arrested and Police located a backpack with a shotgun inside, ammunition, a small amount of cocaine, stolen bicycles and approximately $10,000 worth of copper wire. Officers also located various items believed to be associated with re-vinning vehicles.

Two Saskatoon men, ages 42 and 34, are facing numerous charges including tampering with a vehicles identification, firearms related offences, possession of stolen property and possession of cocaine. They will make their first court appearance tomorrow morning.

These arrests are connected to part of a larger police investigation stemming from Edmonton and Calgary Police Services.

(Court Info Numbers: 991089757, 991089755, 991089754)

(Occurrence Number: 19-43214)