Downtown Summer Safety Initiative

The Saskatoon Police Service is launching a summer initiative to address issues of crime and the perception of public safety in the downtown business district.

Beginning next week officers regularly walking the beat and riding in the Bike Unit will be joined by a members who are being redeployed from areas such as the School Resource Unit and the Traffic Section. The enhanced presence will allow SPS officers to interact with citizens and businesses in the downtown area, while maintaining a zero tolerance approach to crime. “The Saskatoon Police Service is committed to exploring new, collaborative approaches to ensure anyone living, working or visiting our downtown area feels safe and secure,” said Inspector Cam McBride, Central Division.

The high-visibility plan is supported by members of the newly formed Downtown Safety Committee. The committee began in the spring of 2019 and is made up of business people, downtown residents, DTNYXE and the SPS. Its mandate is to create a safe, secure and thriving downtown Saskatoon.