Buyer Beware - Internet Vehicle Purchases

The Saskatoon Police Service Fraud Section has received at least 3 complaints in the last week regarding fraudulent vehicle purchases.

In each case a Saskatoon resident either responded to an ad on an Internet classified site, or they were directed to a hotmail account through a newspaper classified ad. The ads offered vehicles for sale outside of Canada and the prospective buyers exchanged a series of emails and vehicle pictures with the sellers. The buyers then completed the purchase by using a money-gram, sent to the seller. In each case the purchaser did not receive anything in return.

Fraud investigators remind residents to use caution when making a purchase on the Internet. While there are millions of legitimate transactions daily, fraudulent activity exists. Fraudsters will take steps to make transactions seem legitimate, even spoofing finance sites claiming to protect the purchaser. However, residents must remember the rules of "buyer beware".

Anyone with a similar complaint is asked to call the Saskatoon Police Service Fraud Section at 975-8259.

(Occurrence Number: Buyer Beware)