EAGLE Assists In Recovery Of Stolen Vehicle

The Saskatoon Police Services EAGLE air patrol unit assisted ground officers in the pursuit of a stolen car in the City's north end overnight.

Shortly after 2:30 this morning police came across a stolen 1996 Plymouth Neon. The vehicle had been reported stolen in Saskatoon on August 24 of this year.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle and when the driver disobeyed the officers, ground units backed off and the EAGLE unit maintained visual contact with the stolen vehicle. The EAGLE continued to follow the vehicle and relayed the information back to the ground units. A short time later, the stolen vehicle crashed into the railway tracks at the end of the 1800 block of Avenue D North and the driver fled on foot.

Ground units quickly moved in and with the assistance of people living in the community, a 20 year Saskatoon man was taken into custody. He was charged with a number of criminal offenses related to possession of the stolen car, failing to stop for police, impaired driving, refuse breath test and dangerous driving. He will appear before a Justice of the Peace later today.

(Occurrence Number: 07-100791 )