Personal Violence Section

The Personal Violence Section is comprised of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit. The mandate of the unit is to investigate complaints of child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, child neglect and sexual assault where the victim is 16 years and older.

The unit is made up of three sexual assault investigators and three child abuse investigators. The child abuse investigators have specific training in the area of forensic interviewing of children and a close working relationship with child protection workers from the Ministry of Social Services. The sexual abuse investigators must be able to comfortably and effectively talk about issues that are often emotional and difficult. They receive specialized training and develop expertise in the use of forensic evidence such as DNA. They investigate complaints of sex crimes that go beyond those of stranger-to-stranger sexual assault - they regularly deal with non-stranger sexual assaults as well as alcohol and drug facilitated sexual assaults.


After investigations of persons such as Clifford Olsen and Paul Bernardo, it was obvious that cross jurisdictional issues were present amongst Police Agencies. As a result, in the early 1990s, the RCMP developed the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System or ViCLAS. It is a Canada-wide computer system that assists specially trained investigators to identify serial crimes and criminals by focusing on linkages that exist among crimes by the same offender. All police services in Canada contribute to ViCLAS by submitting information about the violent crime investigations undertaken in their jurisdictions. Information is submitted on homicides, sexual assaults, attempted murders, abductions, missing people and unidentified bodies where foul play is suspected in the death.