Saskatoon Pride Parade

According to estimates, up to 10% of the population of Saskatoon is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered (LGBT). LGBT people still face discrimination in many sectors of society although that discrimination is lessening as society comes to realize that LGBT people are really no different than the rest of the population. They are family members, neighbours, co-workers, the nurses or doctors taking care of our health, our teachers, the clerk at the grocery store or the police officer walking the beat. LGBT people make significant positive contributions to the quality of life in Saskatoon.

Unfortunately, LGBT people still experience a higher rate of hate crimes directed at them than do the average citizen. Because of the fear of stigmatization, these crimes are generally under-reported. The Saskatoon Police Service is working to develop mechanisms to record and track hate and bias crimes, and is working to encourage LGBT people to file a report when they have been the victim of a hate or bias crime.

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The LGBT members of the Saskatoon Police Advisory Committee On Diversity work to build understanding, trust and communication between the LGBT community and the police. They provide education to the police on the facts of being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered as well as on the numerous issues that LGBT people face in the community. Officers from the Saskatoon Police Service have participated in events occurring in the LGBT community. These actions are helping to improve communications and strengthen relationships between the LGBT community and the police.

LGBT people can also be the victims of domestic violence by being physically, verbally, financially, emotionally or sexually assaulted, threatened, harassed or stalked by a partner or ex-partner. Police in Saskatoon have been educated on same-sex domestic abuse and LGBT people are encouraged to report such incidences. If you feel you have been discriminated against or mistreated because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, please call 306-975-2278.

The Saskatoon Police Service recruits from all diverse communities. To learn more about a career in policing, visit the Recruiting page of this website.

"It Gets Better" video - produced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (BC)

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