Crime Free Multi-Housing

Are you...

  1. Looking for a safe place to rent?
  2. Wanting to live free from fear and frustration?
  3. Seeking a stable community that respects each other's safety?
  4. Experiencing extremely problematic neighbors?
  5. Hoping your landlord will address issues with residents?
  6. Seeking an apartment that passed a security inspection?
  7. Wanting to be treated fairly by your landlord?
  8. Tired of having your family work to keep your unit safe and secure when everyone else does not care?

If you answered yes to some or all of the above questions, the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program has some recommendations for you!

Residents of rental property are in a unique and powerful position: by refusing to rent from landlords who fail to take action for any illegal activity on their property, they convey a clear message that the rental community will seek out responsible, dedicated landlords. Landlords who allow illegal activity on their property will see their occupancy rates decline and their profits dwindle. A key piece of the program is to assist in the development of Crime Free Multi-Housing - Community Connections to ensure that complex issues at the property are addressed appropriately.

Saskatoon has a number of rental properties that have been recognized by the Saskatoon Police Service as being committed to provide safe rental housing. These properties are certified by the Crime Free Multi-Housing program. As a public service, the Saskatoon Police Service has compiled a list of certified properties throughout the city, based on the three policing divisions. Links are provided to the websites of the landlords who may have other properties in the program. Currently there are over 300 apartments working on the Crime Free Multi-Housing program requirements.

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Benefits for Residents

  • Safe and secure place to live.
  • A healthy community environment neighbors engage with one another.
  • An opportunity to know your neighbors.
  • Learn how to recognize signs of suspicious and illegal activity.
  • Education on how to effectively reduce property crime.

Benefits for Landlords

  • Stable and satisfied resident base - extended lease term.
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs - increased property values.
  • Improved personal safety for owners, managers and residents.
  • Increased demand for rental units with the crime free designation.
  • Focus on routine maintenance, not crisis control.
  • Increased communication and better relationship between landlord, residents and police.

Benefits for Police

  • Reduced calls for service.
  • Better use of police resources.
  • Better communication - exchange of information.
  • Cooperation and better relationship with owners, managers and residents for the purposes of crime prevention, detection and enforcement.


Crime Free Multi-Housing - Community Connections - This guide was produced to assist property owners, building managers, rental property management companies (support staff etc) and the building residents & their families with access to service-providers within Saskatoon. This includes emergency shelters, mental health and addiction services, health, justice and family wellness.

Crime Free Multi-Housing - How Safe is Your Rental Property? - This guide was created as a 'generic' guide intended for the general public, service-providers and the rental property community as a tool for what to look for when searching out safe-housing options. The Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program includes liaison work between The Saskatoon Police Service, affiliated agencies, front-line staff and the rental property community to further develop partnerships to address rental apartment safety and security.

Crime Free Multi-Housing 9 Point Inspection - If you'd like to participate in the Crime Free Multi-Housing program, you will need to bring your building up to a certain acceptable standard. This is an international standard and includes nine components or points of inspection.

Crime Free Multi-Housing - Top Properties in Saskatoon - The Saskatoon Police Service has compiled a safe housing list and this postcard lists the top Crime Free Multi-Housing properties in Saskatoon.

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To obtain further information on the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program contact:
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