Major Crime Section

The Major Crime Section is led by a Staff Sergeant in charge of the overall operation of the Major Crime Section. Police personnel include eight homicide/violent crime investigators, and two historical case investigators (one is the designated Missing Person Task Force).

Homicide/Violent Crime Unit

The Homicide/Violent Crime Unit members investigate homicides, attempted homicides, aggravated assaults, suspicious deaths, all deaths occurring in police custody or any correctional facility, as well as all police officer shootings, whether death occurs or not.

Home invasions, kidnapping and life threatening assaults are investigated by this Unit. They are also responsible for any investigation not specified but requiring major crime investigators.

Suspicious deaths and homicides investigated by Major Crime

2014 (7 homicides)
Five homicides solved, two under investigation
2013 (4 homicides)
All four homicides solved
2012 (6 homicides)
All six homicides solved
2011 (5 homicides)
All five homicides solved
2010 (10 homicides)
7 charges laid
3 under investigation
2009 (6 homicides)
4 charges laid
2 homicides under investigation
2008 (2 homicides)
2 charges laid
1 murder charge laid regarding 2004 homicide
2007 (7 homicides)
5 charges laid
2 under investigation
2006 (9 homicides)
4 charges laid
5 under investigation
2005 (9 homicides)
8 charges laid
1 under investigation
2004 (9 homicides)
5 charges laid
1 self defense
1 death of suspect
2 under investigation.
2003 (8 homicides)
8 charges laid
2002 (7 homicides)
5 charges laid
2 under investigation
2001 (1 homicide)
1 charge laid
2000 (5 homicides)
5 charges laid

Historical Case Unit

The Historical Case Unit investigates homicide and suspicious death files where all avenues of investigation have been exhausted by the initially assigned investigators. With the development of DNA testing, the potential of solving previously unsolved cases now exists.

Members maintain files on long term missing persons as well as assist the Homicide Unit with current investigations. One of the investigators is designated the missing person coordinator which is a provincially funded position. Investigators liaise with other Historical Case Units throughout Canada and meet with investigators from across Saskatchewan quarterly to compare and share information. (RCMP-Municipal Police Services).