Child Abuse Unit

Saskatoon Centre for Children’s Justice

The Saskatoon Centre for Children's Justice

The Saskatoon Centre for Children’s Justice (SCCJ) is a child-friendly, integrated unit consisting of members of the Saskatoon Police Service, child protection workers from the Ministry of Social Services and community partners from the Saskatchewan Health Authority - Child Abuse Physicians. The group operates as a team to review and respond to allegations of physical and/or sexual abuse of children

Child abuse consists of physical, sexual, and/or neglectful maltreatment of any child by any person, including a parent, guardian or caregiver, which may result in physical or psychological harm to the child.

The Investigation

Saskatoon Centre for Childrens Justice

SCCJ provides an integrated, child-centered approach to conducting interviews and investigations into allegations of child abuse. A specially trained police officer and/or child protection worker conducts each interview. Collaboratively, they make decisions regarding the most appropriate course of action for an investigation with the child’s best interests and needs being the priority. The structure and best practices at the SCCJ strongly reflects the principles of the Provincial Child Abuse Protocol. Utilizing this integrated model greatly reduces trauma to child victims.