Requests for Compensation

Members of the public who have had property damage occur during a Saskatoon Police call can request reimbursement of the costs to fix that damage. To do so, a letter must be provided to the Saskatoon Police Service addressed to the Chief of Police, Saskatoon Police Service, Box 1728, S7K 3R6, attention: Legal Services.

The letter must:

  1. Describe how and when the damage occurred;
  2. Provide details about the damage (including pictures, if possible);
  3. Outline the cost to fix that damage; and
  4. Include copies of written estimates/quotes or receipts confirming the cost of repairing the damage.

The request for reimbursement will then be reviewed and the applicant will be advised by letter whether reimbursement will be provided by the Saskatoon Police Service.

Reimbursement is not guaranteed by the Saskatoon Police Service and is only provided in limited circumstances.