General Investigations Section

The General Investigations Section has many functions within the Service. GIS falls under the Criminal Investigations Division and all investigators are under the direct supervision of the Detective Staff Sergeant.

GIS includes the Break and Enter Unit, the Arson Unit, the Pawn Detail and General Investigations.

General Investigations investigators deal with armed robberies, robberies, thefts over $5000.00, significant property offences and missing persons. This unit is comprised of five Detective Sergeants.

The Break and Enter Unit is responsible for investigating Break and Enter offences to residences, businesses and compounds.

The Break and Enter unit is comprised of one Detective Sergeant and four Detective Constables.

The Pawn Detail Constable is responsible for enforcement of the Pawn bylaw and investigations in relation to the recovery of stolen property.

Fire related incidents are investigated by two detective sergeants, certified as arson investigators. These sergeants are also members of the General Investigations Section.