Vulnerable Person Registry

The Vulnerable Person Registry (the “Registry”) is a voluntary service offered by the Saskatoon Police Service for the City of Saskatoon. The Registry allows anyone who can legally make decisions for a Vulnerable Person who is unable to provide their own consent or is a minor, or a Vulnerable Person themselves, to submit critical information to the Saskatoon Police Service that may be used during situations requiring police interactions. This Registry allows police quick access to critical information about a registered Vulnerable Person (a “Registrant”).

The Registry is only available in English at this time.

You will have the option to place a static cling window decal at your residence and/or in your vehicle. This will alert police that there is a Vulnerable Person occupant who participates in the registry. In order to obtain your decal, you must show a copy of your Registry confirmation to the Saskatoon Police Service, Service Center at 76 25th Street East.

Definition of Vulnerable Person

A Vulnerable Person is defined as a person who due to a medical, mental health or physical condition, may exhibit patterns of behaviour that may pose a danger to themselves or to others. This could include an inclination to wander; the inability to communicate; fascinations or attractions (water, construction sites etc.); and social responses (fear of strangers, aggression).

Examples of Vulnerable Persons may include persons with Alzheimer's disease; Autism Spectrum Disorder; an Acquired Brain Injury; or a mental health condition that causes a person to exhibit the above behaviours.

For more information see our FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a cost?

    No, the Registry is provided free of charge.

  2. How will this Registry help a Vulnerable Person?

    The Registry provides critical information to the Saskatoon Police Service that may be used during situations requiring police interactions.

    If a Registrant is reported missing, information about their physical appearance, the most likely places they would go, as well as triggers, stimulants and de-escalation techniques can be utilized by police looking for the missing person.

    If a Registrant is incapable of effectively communicating their name, the information on the Registry may allow the individual to be identified more quickly and for police to get in contact with their emergency contact.

  3. If I don't live in the City of Saskatoon can I still use the Registry?

    Yes, if the individual regularly attends the City of Saskatoon then they should be registered. If they do not, there is no benefit to registering them. Other police jurisdictions will not have access to the Saskatoon Police Service Vulnerable Person Registry. Please contact your local police agency to learn their procedures.

  4. Who can register a Vulnerable Person?

    Anyone who can legally make decisions for an individual that is unable to provide their own consent or is a minor. A Vulnerable Person may also register themselves on the Registry.

  5. How do I register a Vulnerable Person?

    You must fill out and submit the online Vulnerable Person Registry Form.

  6. What information is required?

    During the registration process we will require information about you and the Registrant. This information includes:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Contact information
    • Medical condition(s)
    • Method of communication
    • Identification worn
    • Where most likely to wander
    • Favorite attraction/locations
    • Best method of approach/de-escalation techniques
    • What not to do
    • Recent photograph of the individual (optional)
  7. Will I get to review/edit my submission before submitting?

    Yes. After you complete the online form you will be able to review/edit it prior to submitting.

  8. Will I get confirmation of the Vulnerable Person being added to the Registry?

    Once submitted, you will receive a thank you email which confirms the registration form is being processed and provided a temporary case number. A second email will confirm that your registration is approved and you will be provided a permanent case number.

  9. Do I need to register annually?

    Annual registration is required to keep your form active and it is your responsibility to re-submit the form. It is recommended that you re-submit on the registrant's birthday to make it easier to remember. If you do not re-submit, all prior information will be removed from the Registry.

  10. Who is responsible for updating the Registry?

    It is the sole responsibility of the individual who registered the Registrant to notify the Saskatoon Police Service of any updates regarding the Registrant. This can be done by re-submitting the registration form with the updated information using your permanent case number.

  11. Can I remove the Registrant from the Registry?

    Yes, if you would like to have a Registrant removed from the Registry, the Saskatoon Police Service should be contacted directly at 306-975-8300. As well, if you do not resubmit your registration annually, all previous information provided is removed from the Registry automatically.

  12. Will I be notified when the annual renewal is required?

    Yes, you will receive an email reminder of the upcoming renewal approximately two months before expiry. It will be the responsibility of the reporting person to renew the information through the Saskatoon Police Service website by resubmitting a Vulnerable Person Registry form.

  13. Who can access the Registry?

    Only Saskatoon Police Service personnel who require this information in the performance of their duties will have access to the information. If necessary, this information could also be shared with other police agencies or agencies assisting the Saskatoon Police Service in locating and/or interacting with the Registrant.

  14. How do I contact the Saskatoon Police Service to report an incident?

    The Saskatoon Police Service can be reached at 306-975-8300. In the case of an emergency call 9-1-1.

  15. Will I need to quote the Registrant’s case number if I call the police?

    No, you will not need to have your registration number. It is ideal if you can let police know that the Registrant is on the Registry. The Saskatoon Police Service will be able to verify and access the information simply by using the person's name or address.

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