Cooperative Policing Program

The Saskatoon Police Service coordinates the Cooperative Policing & Alternative Measures Program through the Restorative Justice Coordinator, Sgt. Erica Weber. This program works in collaboration with companies and campuses who employ in-house security, contract security, asset protection/loss prevention, and special constables.

The goal is to develop a recognized standard of proficiency amongst all involved agencies. Participants receive training in the areas of Criminal Law, Search and Seizure, Common Criminal Code Offences, Report Writing, Notetaking, Verbal Judo, Testifying in Court, Coplogic Training, and Alternative Measures/Extrajudicial Sanctions Training. Upon completion of this training, participants receive the knowledge and skills that will enable them to perform their jobs more proficiently. They will also be eligible to divert arrests to the Alternative Measures and Extrajudicial Sanctions Program.

This program is facilitated by Sgt. Erica Weber and Bryce Pashovitz, Regional Crown Prosecutor.

Cooperative Policing Monthly Meetings - Ongoing Engagement

The Saskatoon Police Service hosts monthly meetings within Saskatoon’s business community. Asset Protection Officers, Loss Prevention Officers, Security Officers, Community Support Officers, Business Improvement District Representatives, Special Constables, and business owners, meet monthly to discuss crime trends, identify concerns, share successes, share information, identify points of concern, receive educational training, and build community. All meetings are hosted virtually.

For more information regarding these programs, please contact Restorative Justice Coordinator, Sgt. Erica Weber at