Clare’s Law

The Interpersonal Violence Disclosure (Clare’s Law) Act is a provincial Act that authorizes a municipal police service to disclose certain risk related information to a current or former intimate partner where such information will assist the current or former partner in making informed decisions about their safety and relationship.

The Act allows for the development of an Interpersonal Violence Disclosure Protocol to guide a police service through the disclosure process. This Protocol has been prepared and adopted by the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police (SACP) to guide front-line officers, the multi-sector review committee and those who work in the area of public protection in the disclosure process. The Protocol recognizes two procedures for disclosing information:

  • “Right to Ask” is triggered by a member of the public applying to a police service for a disclosure.
  • “Right to Know” is triggered by the police service making a proactive decision to disclose information to protect a potential victim.

To make a request under Clare’s Law, please fill out the Clares Law - Appendix B - Minimum Standard of Info form and bring it with you to the Service Centre in SPS Headquarters. You will be required to provide proof of identity upon application, and you may be asked to return to SPS on a later date for the face-to-face interview required by the Act..

By making a request under the Act, you will not receive copies of records. This is a risk assessment process in which the outcome may be a verbal confirmation of risk, as well as a connection to support services.

Clare’s Law is not for reporting domestic abuse. To report an occurrence of domestic abuse, please call (306) 975-8300 or attend at the Service Centre of the Saskatoon Police Service. Clare’s Law does not replace Criminal Records Checks or Access to Information (FOIP) requests.

More information on Clare’s Law can be found on the Government of Saskatchewan Publications website: