Interpersonal Violence Disclosure Protocol "Clare's Law" Act Now In Effect

The Interpersonal Violence Disclosure Protocol Act, better known as "Clare's Law" comes into effect today, June 29, 2020, in Saskatchewan.

As municipal police service, the SPS will accept applications from members of the public seeking information on an intimate partner's past violent or abusive behaviour. The Act, which was put in place to help protect victims of interpersonal violence, allows a municipal police service to disclose certain risk-related information to a current or former intimate partner for them to make informed decisions about their safety and relationship.

There are two procedures for disclosing information – the “Right to Ask” and the “Right to Know”.

The “Right to Ask” is made by an applicant who believes they may be at risk of violence from an intimate partner. The “Right to Know” is a proactive decision by which a municipal police service identifies a need to disclose information to protect an potential victim.

Clare's Law is not process by which to report domestic violence. To report intimate violence or abuse, please call the SPS at 306-975-8300. In an emergency call 911.

For more information on the disclosure process visit: