Public Advisory - Text Message / Parcel Delivery Scam

The Saskatoon Police Service has received several reports recently about a text message scam involving parcels.

The complainants reported receiving a text message indicating that they had a parcel waiting for pick-up but additional fees were required in order to collect it. When the victims clicked the link in the text message, they were guided through a series of steps and prompted for their credit card information. A diagram is attached that details the steps victims went through. At the top, the logo is meant to look like UPS, but is IPS.

Police wish to remind the public:

  • Parcel delivery services will not contact you via text message and request additional funds
  • Do not click on links in text messages or e-mails from unknown sources/senders
  • Never give your personal information or credit card information out.

At a time of year when people may be utilizing online shopping, please take a moment to be extra aware of how your parcels are expected to be delivered.

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