SPS Response To Collision Video

Over the weekend, the SPS became aware of a video that was posted to social media of a fatal traffic collision from September 9, 2021.

In response to a number of inquiries, the SPS can confirm the investigation remains active and ongoing. Specialized investigators with the Collision Analyst Unit are currently waiting on the results of toxicology, which were submitted to an RCMP forensics lab. While investigators are still waiting for results from the scientific analysis, the majority of the technical investigation is nearing completion.

Collisions, especially fatal collisions, are some of the most complex in policing. Scene examination involves much more than just personal observation; photography is employed at ground level, as well as aerial, and forensic maps are created to assist the post-scene investigation when determining the actions of everyone involved in or around the incident. This includes identifying any obstructions (e.g. vehicles, buildings) in the immediate vicinity. Measurements are key in attempting to determine vehicle and pedestrian speeds. All of this information will be necessary should an investigation result in charges and proceed through the court process.

Collision investigators must carefully and systemically preserve and collect evidence of what has occurred. The police cannot arrive at a collision, and employ shortcuts in the investigation; the courts have established standards of investigational competence for police services.

In cases where there is a need to determine if impairment played a role in the event, additional steps will be taken, including the analysis of breath or blood. Decisions relating to criminal charges cannot be made until these results are received. Once results are available, police will work in consultation with Crown Prosecutors to determine the nature and extent of any charges to be laid. The entirety of the evidence collected and analyzed by police will inform this decision.

The families of the deceased rightfully have questions, and part of our job is to address their concerns and provide the answers they deserve. In the fatal collision from September, we understand the added impact waiting for those answers can have on the victim’s families. Support from Victims Services was offered to the family immediately following the collision.

Lastly, as part of evidence collected at the scene on September 9, 2021, investigators spoke with witnesses and attempted to collect available video surveillance that captured the incident. If persons have additional evidence they have not yet shared with Police, they are encouraged to do so by calling 306-975-8300.