Public Advisory - Fraudulent Activity

The Saskatoon Police Service Economic Crime Section is warning the public of scams victimizing older adults. The scam begins with a computer pop-up window or phone call claiming that the computer or device has been hacked, and that action needs to be taken to stop it. Victims will often speak to someone by phone who claims to be police, or some other authority, who will tell them they need to withdraw or transfer funds in order to protect them from the fictional ‘hackers’. Victims are then directed to make payments to the fraudsters via Bitcoin, pre-paid cards, or bank transfer.

The SPS would like to remind the public that scammers use fear and panic to commit their crimes. Take time to consider what’s happening and talk about it with friends or family before sending money anywhere. Scammers will pose as government authorities and use multiple techniques to appear legitimate. Remember, authorities will not demand payment in Bitcoin or gift cards, direct members of the public to move funds to ‘protect’ them. Any concerns about the security of financial accounts should be discussed with the financial institution prior to removing or transferring funds.

More information on protecting yourself from fraud can be found at

(Occurrence Number: 22-59277)