Suspicious Person/Evade Police - 76 25th St. E

One man was arrested after following a person in their vehicle and evading Police.

At approximately 1:00 a.m., March 5, 2023, members in Communications received a report of a suspicious driver who had been following the complainant in her vehicle for the past half hour. Members directed the woman to drive to SPS Headquarters. When she arrived, the driver of the suspicious vehicle parked directly behind her vehicle. Patrol officers attempted to conduct a high-risk traffic stop on the suspect vehicle, which was confirmed to be a stolen 2014 blue Dodge Ram. The driver refused to comply with Police commands and fled the scene at a high rate of speed. Tire deflation devices were utilized in helping bring the truck to a stop at Simonds Avenue and Cassino Avenue. Another high-risk traffic stop was conducted and the suspect was taken into custody without further incident.

A 35-year-old man is charged with Dangerous Driving, Evade Police, Possession of Stolen Property Over $5000 and Breach of Conditions.

(Court Info Number: 991224918)

(Occurrence Number: 23-28048)