Supplemental Report

After your initial report has been approved and you have obtained your Permanent File Number (eg 2014-800123), if you wish to amend/update the existing information or add additional property items - you will then need to submit a Supplemental report using that Permanent file number.

For security reasons, you will need to re-enter some personal information from your initial report, along with the file number, date of incident and type of incident etc. You may then amend/change/add information to your incident description, property items or to persons/vehicles involved in the incident. There is no need to duplicate your original report as it is already on file - use your copy of the earlier approved report as a template of what was entered originally.

Note: if you wish to report a new incident (e.g. that occurred on different date or location) - you will need to submit an entirely new online report instead of a Supplemental.

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