Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) for Property Owners and Managers

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Save yourself time and money, and decrease the chance for crime in your buildings with Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH). We work with you to create safer buildings that have less property damage, and more satisfied tenants. We’ve seen a 36% reduction in crime in CFMH certified properties!

CFMH empowers tenants to actively reduce and/or report crime. We help you make your tenants feel safer & happier.

Contact Crime Free Multi-Housing: 306-975-8385 or 306-975-8173 or

Take 3 Steps for CFMH Certification

CFMH Session

1. Phase 1 Owner and/or Property Manager Training

A day-long, affordable training that teaches you how to:

  • combat illegal activities (drugs and gangs);
  • thoroughly screen tenants;
  • engage successfully with Office of Residential Tenancies;
  • assess and improve your building’s security.

2. Phase 2 (FREE) Inspection:

Crime Free Multi-Housing staff inspect, (day and night), for these security features:
Crime Free Multi-Housing 9 Point Inspection

CFMH shares tips on where to find what you need to improve the security of your building.

3. Phase 3 Tenant Safety Social:

With the support of CFMH staff, the Owner/Property Manager promotes a safe rental community by hosting an annual Safety Social for tenants. A Police officer shares crime prevention tips. This event offers managers and residents a chance to get together and address safety and security issues, share improvement ideas, and have some fun.

Ongoing Benefits of being part of CFMH

CFMH Safety Social
  • Get daily Saskatoon Police updates on any crimes that affect your buildings. Quickly learn about broken windows, noisy parties or more serious crimes.
  • CFMH certified properties receive free advertising to thousands of tenants each year.
  • Access affordable, relevant, ongoing training and information, to make your job easier.
  • Certified CFMH buildings can use the Saskatoon Police Service Crime Free Addendum. New tenants who sign this legal document are making a commitment to live crime-free within your building. If illegal activity does arise, CFMH may share the details of the crime with you, which can assist with tenant eviction.
  • Reduced crime will help lower maintenance and repair costs, and increase your property value.

Helpful Resources & Contacts

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