Public Advisory - Frauds

The Saskatoon Police Service continues to receive reports of fraudulent activity in which the victims are asked to send money or a valuable security with promise of something more in return.

This ruse is used in a number of different scams including, but not limited to; romance scams, fake job offers, and lottery winnings. In many cases, the fraudster will request payment in the form of money, bitcoin or Google Play cards.

Police continue to remind the public;

  • Never send money to someone claiming you've won a prize
  • A legitimate employer will never send funds and request a portion of it back
  • Any unsolicited phone call advising that you have won a lottery is fake. The only way to participate in any foreign lottery is to go to the country of origin and purchase a ticket in person. A ticket cannot be purchased on your behalf.

For more information on fraud prevention, visit or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at


In lieu of interviews, the following quote is being provided: "With the advance of technology, frauds are becoming more sophisticated, and more difficult to investigate," says Economic Crime Staff Sergeant Trent Emigh. "It is important for people to be aware, do their research and verify the information before proceeding. And remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is."